About Fifth

Handmade copper jewelry that celebrates your appreciation of Earths amazing creations with a unique piece of its beauty.

Fifth was created due to my love of nature and gemstones.  All items on this site are handmade, American made, and would make a unique gift for yourself or someone you care about.  Each piece of jewelry on this site uses American made semi-precious metal, and Earth made semi-precious gemstones.  All purchases come nicely packaged in a gift box.  Price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail, with tracking and insurance.

About the name Fifth Energy

Energy… Is all-encompassing. In nature. In science. In spirituality. In the universe. From the farthest galaxies to the depths of the ocean, all things exist in an organized sphere of energy which the forces of life give to Earth.

Fifth in Physics: In physics, there are four conventionally accepted fundamental forces in nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear & weak nuclear. The Fifth force is an observation that does not fit with existing theories. Quintessence, or dark matter, is the foundation of the Fifth force. Dark Matter is the unknown material that scientist can not directly observe. It makes up roughly 80% of the universe.

Fifth in Religion:  Many religions believe the Fifth Element is the changeless source of balanced energy, which extends everywhere throughout the universe, and is our spirit or soul.

Fifth in nature, physics, and religion are the unknown, could be the inner soul or the energy and matter around us that we can not see.

We should always be open to experience new and unknown things to fully appreciate life…..

Fifth. Expand your energy within, unleash your potential.

I’ve been a huge gemstone and nature lover my entire life.   I am a mother of a wonderful son, have an amazing husband of 30 years, have a beautiful Siberian Husky, and nine chickens.  For the past several years I have designed websites along with doing content management.  While searching online for a gift, I happened on to some jewelry designs and fell in love with it. Months later, Fifth.Energy was created.  During my spare time, I am gardening, enjoying time with my husband, or I am making new jewelry pieces.  Thanks for looking!

~ Tammy

Email:  Creations@fifth.energy                                    Phone: 972-674-1690