Apatite Gemstone

About APATITE Gemstone

Copper Butterfly Necklace with Apatite and Garnet Gemstones Fifth Energy JewelryApatite gemstone was given its name by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner which is derived from the Greek word apate, meaning to deceive since Apatite was often mistaken for gemstones such as Beryl, Olivine and Peridot.

Apatite is generally known for its Green-blue color but also comes in colors from pink, yellow, violet, blue and even colorless. The deeper the color the higher the cost.

Apatite has been found all over the world including Madagascar, Russian, Colombia, Durango, Mexico; Bancroft, Ontario; Germany, Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Nauru, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.  Moon rocks brought back to earth by Apollo astronauts were found to contain traces of apatite.

Apatite Gemstone Mineral Information:

Chemical Composition: Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)
Color Green-blue, pink, yellow, violet
Refractive Index 1.63- 1.64
Hardness 5 (Mohs)

Metaphysical Properties associated with Apatite Gemstones

*All metaphysical or healing properties listed below are collected from various sources. The validity of the information is not guaranteed nor expresses the artist’s views. This compiled information is offered as a service for those interested in potential metaphysical properties and not meant to treat medical conditions.



Unconditional Love
Element: Air
Number: 9
Chakra: Throat
Zodiac: Gemini

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