Cape Amethyst Bracelet

Cape Amethyst Bracelet features all natural gemstones. Cape Amethyst has beautiful white and clear quartz crystal banding to give it a unique interesting look.  Amethyst is a birthstone for February.  Gift box and shipping included.

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Handmade, American Made in the USA. Gemstones all natural.


★【Earth Connected】Fifth Energys' Cape Amethyst bracelet is made with 6mm polished natural gemstones. They have not been treated with any dyes or coatings, retaining their direct connection to the Earth.  

★【Power of Suggestion】Whether you believe in metaphysical gemstone powers or not, healing bracelets can simply be a powerful reminder. Comes with a nice insert with a beautiful note to remind you, or the person you are gifting of their wonderful qualities.

★【Strong Material】Fifth Energy bracelets are double strung on a high-tension latex free cord for superior strength and durability that keeps its shape and lasts for years. Every bracelet is hand strung, and every bead inspected. Your bracelet comes in a gift box and includes an inspirational reminder.

★【How to Determine Wrist Size】Choose a place where you would normally wear a bracelet then use a ribbon measuring tape or even a strip of paper and measure your wrist. To use the strip of paper, mark where the end of the bracelet needs to be and then measure the paper with a ruler. No matter the method, the measurement is the wrist size.

★【How to Determine Bracelet Size】Increase the wrist measurement in the following increments to determine the bracelet size for how you want the bracelet to fit. Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch for a snug fit. Add 3/4 to 1 inch for a comfortable fit. Add about 1-1/4 inch for a loose fit. If gifting the bracelet and you don’t know their wrist size, it is best to order 6.5 for a small person, 7.5 for a medium person and 8 for a larger person. When in doubt go with a medium.

About Amethyst

Amethyst was used in jewelry in Ancient Egypt. The greek phrase "a-methystos", meaning not drunk was given to this crystal because wine during this time was the color purple. Today it is still one of the most popular gemstones around.  Cape Amethyst exhibits eye-catching patterns of opaque and translucent layers giving it a textured appearance with varying degrees of white and clear quartz.

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide
Mineral Class: Silicates, Tectosilicates
Hardness: 7
Color: Lavender to Dark Purple
Locations Found: Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, Uruguay

Care of Amethyst

Avoid leaving your Amethyst in direct sunlight as it can fade the gemstone.  It is best to store in a dark place when not wearing.  Amethyst can be cleaned using a soft cloth and warm water.   Do not use abrasive cleaners..  As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Store in a soft case away from hard objects to prevent scratches.

Metaphysical Properties associated with Amethyst

*All metaphysical properties listed below are collected from various sources. The validity of the information is not guaranteed nor expresses the artist's views. This compiled information is offered as a service for those interested in potential metaphysical properties.


Spiritual Awareness

Third Eye & Crown



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6.5" Small, 7.0" Medium, 7.5" Large, 8.0" XLarge