Kambaba Stone Pendant

Elegant pendant featuring Kambaba Jasper semi-precious gemstone accented with 6 African Jasper semi-precious beads wrapped in pure copper. All 100% natural gemstones, unheated, no dyes. Includes 18″ natural leather 4mm cord necklace with locking magnetic clasps.

Perfect gift for those who enjoy a soft natural look. Compliments black, white, and neutral-colored outfits. Looks beautiful hanging as a choker or as a long pendant. Necklace length can be altered before shipping at no additional cost.

Pendant Length: 1.75″
Pendant Width:  .75″
Included natural colored leather cord necklace: 18″ including clasps.
Semiprecious Gemstone: 25 mm Kambaba Jasper and 6 African Turquoise beads.

About Kambaba

Kambaba Stone is also spelled Kabamba or Kambamba. It is a slightly mysterious gemstone as there is a debate on its makeup. Some believe it is a type of volcanic rock mixed with a touch of quartz, while others believe it is not volcanic at all and is fossilized Stromatolites in Jasper. Either way, this beautiful green stone has a hint of sparkle with some beautiful black veining on the side and back.

It is found in the South Africa Rift that runs from South Africa to Madagascar.

Mohs scale: 6.5 to 7

Care of Kambaba

Clean using a soft cloth and soapy water rinsing well and polishing after to remove any soap residue. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Store in a soft case away from hard objects to avoid being scratched.

Metaphysical Properties associated with Kambaba

*All metaphysical or healing properties listed below are collected from various sources. The validity of the information is not guaranteed nor expresses the artist's views. This compiled information is offered as a service for those interested in potential metaphysical properties and not meant to treat medical conditions.


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