Sodalite Gemstone Point

Sodalite Gemstone Point

Sodalite Gemstone Point  semi-precious gemstone pendant. The AAA quality Sodalite hexagonal-shaped gemstone is 100% natural, non-dyed, no heat treatment.  The stone is wrapped in pure raw copper.  Pendant includes 30″ real copper ball chain that can be cut to your preferred size. Entire piece including the chain has been patinaed and polished to accentuate the detail, then coated to prevent tarnish.

Copper ball chain manufactured in Mount Vernon, NY.  The ball chain is 9001:2008 certified by the International Organization for Standardization and is also recognized by the Green Business Bureau as a certified “green business”.

Sodalite Gemstone Point Necklace includes USPS priority mail shipping and a gift box.

Drop Pendant: Approximately 1-5/8″ long by 1-1/8″ at the widest part.
Includes 30″ long copper ball chain.


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About Sodalite gemstone

sodalite gemstone  is derived from the Greek word "Soda" which means salt and Lithos" which means stone. The Sodalite gemstone has been associated with the color of the Heavens.

Around 2600 BC in what is now Peru, the Caral peoples traded for sodalite. The people of Tiwanaku from what is now Bolivia did as well.

Sodalite can be found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, Russia, Greenland, and Maine and Arkansas in the United States.


Sodalite Gemstone Point Mineral Information:

Mineral: Chloric sodium aluminum silicate
Chemical Composition: Na8(CI2Al6Si6O24)
Color Blue with occasional streaks of white
Hardness 5-1/2 to 6 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.13 - 2.29
Refractive Index 1.48

Care of Sodalite Gemstone

Clean your Sodalite Gemstone Point and copper using a soft cloth and soapy water rinsing well and polishing after to remove any soap residue. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Store in a soft case away from hard objects to avoid being scratched.

You should avoid  exposure to cleaning chemicals while wearing your Sodalite Gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties associated with Sodalite Gemstone

*All metaphysical or healing properties listed below are collected from various sources. The validity of the information is not guaranteed nor expresses the artist's views. This compiled information is offered as a service for those interested in potential metaphysical properties and not meant to treat medical conditions.


Inner Peace

Throat Heart  Third Eye
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element: Water

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